A Brief History of Sydney

Sydney, Australia's largest city, boasts a rich and compelling history. The indigenous Australians, known as the Gadigal people, inhabited the region for thousands of years before European settlement. Their deep connection to the land was abruptly disrupted when Captain James Cook landed in Botany Bay in 1770.

In 1788, the First Fleet, led by Captain Arthur Phillip, arrived and declared the area a British penal colony, marking the establishment of Sydney. The city, named after the British Home Secretary Thomas Townshend, Lord Sydney, experienced exponential growth as a commercial hub during the 19th century, fueled by the Gold Rush and the advent of the railway.

The 20th century brought modernity, symbolized by architectural wonders such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the iconic Sydney Opera House. Today, Sydney is a thriving multicultural city, celebrated for its diversity, innovation, and stunning natural beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to get there?
The most convenient way to reach Sydney is by air. Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport is well connected with major cities around the globe.

Do I need a visa?
Yes, unless you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, you will need a visa to enter Australia.

When is the best time to visit?
The best time to visit Sydney is from September to November and from March to May. These months offer pleasant weather and fewer tourists.

Are there local customs I should know?
Drinking: Legal drinking age is 18. Always carry your ID.
Greetings: A handshake and smile are common when greeting.
Public transit: Queuing is expected while waiting for public transit and always offer your seat to elderly or pregnant women.

What is the time zone?
Sydney operates on Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), which is GMT/UTC +10.

What are the voltage/plug types?
Voltage is 230V, frequency 50Hz, and the plugs are type I.

What is the currency?
The currency used is the Australian Dollar (AUD).

Are ATMs readily accessible?
Yes, ATMs are plentiful throughout Sydney.

Are credit cards widely accepted?
Yes, major credit cards are widely accepted in Sydney.

Can you use Apple Pay and Google Pay?
Yes, both Apple Pay and Google Pay are commonly used in Sydney.

How much do I tip?
Tipping is not mandatory in Australia, but a 10% tip in restaurants, hotels, taxis, and for tour guides for exceptional service is appreciated.

Core Information

City Founded Population (Year) Elevation
1788 5.4 Million (2023) [1] 19 metres
Average Temperatures

Season Average Temperature (°C) Average Temperature (°F)
Summer (Dec-Feb) 22.0 71.6
Autumn (Mar-May) 17.5 63.5
Winter (Jun-Aug) 12.8 55.0
Spring (Sep-Nov) 18.6 65.5

Please note that the temperatures provided are averages and can vary between years. These temperatures are the mean temperatures for the months indicated and represent typical conditions.

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