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Ashleigh Graham

Hi I’m Ashleigh and originally from the UK.  Now I spend about 6 months of the year travelling around the world and writing about my experiences. I am a passionate writer and traveller and bring you my perspective.  Hopefully I can take you on a journey through this amazing planet we live on. 

Gemma Marks

G’day from Gemma.  I’m an Aussie and have been travelling and writing for the last two years.  I have a passion for the cultures and trying to immerse myself in them for the short period I get in each location.  I love recounting my adventures and experience.

Gemma Marks
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Gemma Arnold

I’m the other Gemma and Hi. Like all Australians I love to travel and get my passport out for as much as I can each year.  

My goal is to try and bring you the joy and wonder I get from every place I visit and give you the inspiration to follow in my foot steps.

Camila Wanderley

I’m Camila, a Brazilian who landed on a travel writing adventure and hasn’t stopped ever since. To wrap it up, I love tacos al pastor, chilled negronis, challenging hikes, sunny beaches, and well-designed hotels. I’m here to share my experiences with my fellow travelers so that you can also explore the wonders of the world in the best ways possible!

Camila Wanderley Mendonca
James Taylor

James Taylor

Hi, I’m James, a travel writer from Australia who lives in Barcelona. I love eating good food wherever I go, train travel, long hikes, and really getting to know a destination through repeat visits. Follow me on my travels @jimmytayles.

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Top Flight Travel from time to time is looking for new travel writers.  If you are interested in trialing as a part time writer please send your resume together with samples of travel articles you have written to us here

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