Kansas City

Guide to Kansas City

Founded in the 1830s as a port on the Missouri River and originally called Kansas, Kansas City has a rich history. It grew rapidly after the Civil War as a midwestern hub for multiple industries including livestock and film. The city experienced significant growth again in the early 20th century, establishing itself as a vibrant centre for jazz music and earning a reputation for its distinctive Kansas City-style barbecue. Today, Kansas City is known for its blend of old and new, with its historical architecture coexisting alongside modern development, creating a dynamic and thriving metropolis.

FAQ for Kansas City

What is the best way to get there?

Most visitors arrive in Kansas City by air via the Kansas City International Airport. The city is also accessible by car, bus, and train.

What is Kansas City famous for?

Kansas City is known for its jazz music, BBQ cuisine, and its professional sports teams like the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL) and Kansas City Royals (MLB).

What are five interesting facts about Kansas City?

  1. Kansas City has more boulevards than Paris and more fountains than any city except Rome.
  2. The city is famous for its Kansas City-style barbecue.
  3. Kansas City hosts the world's biggest BBQ contest, The American Royal World Series of Barbecue.
  4. The city is a major hub for Jazz music.
  5. It's the home of Hallmark Cards, the largest greeting card company in the world.

How did Kansas City get its name?

The city was named after the Kansas River which was named after the Kansa Native American tribe.

What are some travel tips for Kansas City?

Try the local barbecue, explore the jazz music scene, visit the numerous fountains and boulevards, and enjoy a game of the Chiefs or the Royals if you are a sports fan.

Do I need a visa?

Whether you need a visa or not depends on your citizenship. Please check the U.S. State Department website for more information.

When is the best time to visit Kansas City?

The best time to visit Kansas City is in the spring (April to June) or fall (September to November) when the weather is mild and the city's many outdoor activities are in full swing.

Are there local customs I should know for Kansas City?


The legal drinking age in Kansas City, like the rest of the U.S., is 21.


Common American greetings apply. A handshake, smile, and "hello" are standard.

Public transit

Public transit is readily available, and includes buses, a light rail system, and bike-sharing programs.

What is the time zone for Kansas City?

Kansas City is in the Central Time Zone (CT).

What are the voltage/plug types?

The standard voltage is 120 V, and the standard frequency is 60 Hz. The power plugs and sockets are of type A and B.

What is the currency?

The currency in Kansas City, as in the rest of the United States, is the U.S. dollar (USD).

Are ATMs readily accessible?

Yes, ATMs are widely available throughout the city.

Are credit cards widely accepted?

Yes, credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.

Can you use ApplePay and Google Pay?

Yes, many places in Kansas City accept both ApplePay and Google Pay.

How much do I tip in Kansas City?

Standard tipping in the United States applies in Kansas City.


A tip of 15-20% of the total bill before tax is customary in restaurants. For good service, consider tipping 20% or more.


In restaurants and bars, tip 15-20% of the total bill.


Tip the bellman $1-2 per bag, and leave $2-3 per day for the housekeeping staff.


In taxis, tip 10-15% of the fare.

Tour guides

For tour guides, a tip of $2-5 per person is common.

Kansas City Quick Facts

Founded Population Elevation
1838 509,297 (source) 910 feet


Seasons/Months High (C/F) Low (C/F)
Winter (December - February) 6/43 -5/23
Spring (March - May) 19/67 6/43
Summer (June - August) 31/88 20/68
Fall (September - November) 20/68 7/45