Welcome to Eugene, Oregon!

A short history of Eugene

Eugene, located in the state of Oregon, has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1846. Originally inhabited by the Kalapuya Native American tribe, the area was later settled by European pioneers in the mid-19th century. The city's growth was primarily driven by the timber industry and the arrival of the Oregon and California Railroad in the late 1800s. Over the years, Eugene has evolved into a vibrant cultural and educational hub, known for its natural beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and progressive values.

FAQ for Eugene

What is the best way to get there?

  • By air: Eugene Airport (EUG) offers domestic flights from major cities.
  • By car: Accessible via Interstate 5 and other major highways.
  • By train: Amtrak provides service to Eugene.
  • What is Eugene famous for?

  • Eugene is famous for its stunning natural landscapes, including the nearby Willamette National Forest and the McKenzie River.
  • The city is also known for its vibrant arts scene, with numerous galleries, theaters, and music venues.
  • Eugene is home to the University of Oregon, known for its successful athletics program and beautiful campus.
  • What are five interesting facts about Eugene?

  • Eugene is nicknamed the "Emerald City" due to its lush green surroundings.
  • The city hosted the 1972 U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials and has a strong connection to the sport.
  • Eugene is a bike-friendly city, with an extensive network of bike paths and lanes.
  • The Saturday Market in Eugene is one of the oldest open-air markets in the United States.
  • Eugene is known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.
  • How did Eugene get its name?

    Eugene was named after Eugene Franklin Skinner, an early settler in the area who established a ferry service across the Willamette River.

    What are some travel tips for Eugene?

  • Be prepared for rain, as Eugene experiences a mild, wet climate.
  • Explore the city's extensive network of parks and trails, such as Alton Baker Park and Spencer Butte.
  • Try the local cuisine, including farm-to-table restaurants and craft breweries.
  • Visit the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and the Museum of Natural and Cultural History for a dose of culture.
  • Do I need a visa?

    Visa requirements depend on your nationality. Check with the nearest embassy or consulate for up-to-date information.

    When is the best time to visit Eugene?

    Eugene's mild climate makes it enjoyable to visit year-round. However, the summer months offer the warmest temperatures and the most outdoor activities.

    Are there local customs I should know for i.e. Drinking, Greetings, Public transit?

    When visiting bars or restaurants, it is customary to tip around 15-20% of the total bill. In terms of greetings, a handshake is the most common form of greeting. Eugene has a reliable public transit system, including buses and a light rail system called the "EmX."

    What is the time zone for Eugene?

    Eugene operates on Pacific Standard Time (PST) during the non-daylight saving period and Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) during daylight saving time.

    What are the voltage/plug types?

    The voltage in Eugene is 120V, and the plug type is Type A/B, which has two flat pins.

    What is the currency?

    The currency used in Eugene is the United States Dollar (USD).

    Are ATMs readily accessible?

    ATMs are widely available throughout the city, including at banks, shopping centers, and airports.

    Are credit cards widely accepted in Eugene?

    Yes, credit cards are widely accepted in most establishments in Eugene, including hotels, restaurants, and shops.

    Can you use ApplePay and Google Pay?

    Many businesses in Eugene accept ApplePay and Google Pay as convenient payment options.

    How much do I tip in Restaurants/bars, Hotels, Taxis, Tour guides, etc.?

    Tipping etiquette in Eugene is similar to the rest of the United States. It is customary to tip around 15-20% of the total bill in restaurants and bars. For hotel staff, a tip of $2-$5 per day is appropriate. Taxis and tour guides also appreciate a 15-20% tip.

    Accommodation in Eugene

    City Information for Eugene

    Founded Population Elevation
    1846 Approximately 170,000 430 feet

    Average temperatures for Eugene

    Season/Month Temperature (Celsius) Temperature (Fahrenheit)
    Winter (December-February) 5°C - 10°C 41°F - 50°F
    Spring (March-May) 10°C - 20°C 50°F - 68°F
    Summer (June-August) 20°C - 30°C 68°F - 86°F
    Fall (September-November) 10°C - 20°C 50°F - 68°F
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