Welcome to Cambridge, Massachusetts

A short history of Cambridge

Cambridge, located in Massachusetts, has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1630. Originally settled by Puritans from England, the city was named after the prestigious University of Cambridge in England. Over the years, Cambridge has grown into a renowned center of education, innovation, and culture.

FAQ for Cambridge

What is the best way to get there?

  • By air: Cambridge is easily accessible from Boston Logan International Airport.
  • By train: The city is well-connected by rail, with several Amtrak and commuter rail stations.
  • By car: Cambridge is conveniently located near major highways.

What is Cambridge famous for?

  • Harvard University and MIT
  • Historical landmarks like Harvard Square and the Longfellow Bridge
  • The vibrant arts and culture scene

What are five interesting facts about Cambridge?

  • Cambridge is home to two of the world's most prestigious universities: Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
  • The city played a significant role in the American Revolution, with notable events like the Battle of Bunker Hill taking place nearby.
  • Cambridge is known for its diverse and vibrant neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and charm.
  • The city has a thriving arts and music scene, with numerous galleries, theaters, and live music venues.
  • Cambridge is a hub of innovation and technology, with many startups and research institutions located in the area.

City Information for Cambridge

Founded Population Elevation
1630 Approximately 110,000 13 feet

Average temperatures for Cambridge

Season/Month Temperature (Celsius) Temperature (Fahrenheit)
Spring (March - May) 8°C - 18°C 46°F - 64°F
Summer (June - August) 18°C - 28°C 64°F - 82°F
Fall (September - November) 10°C - 20°C 50°F - 68°F
Winter (December - February) -3°C - 4°C 27°F - 39°F

Accommodation in Cambridge

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